Thursday, February 27, 2014

Raised Beds

Im thinking about making some simple raised beds either 4'x4' or 4'x8'. They have a lot of appeal as i can bring in some new dirt instead of trying to amend the clay we have in Michigan. Im thinking simple pine or fir boards just screwed together. Double stack them and put boards on the outside to hold them together. I think it will work!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

This years plant list.

As spring is heading towards us we need to figure out what to plant and where to plant it. I have a simple list this year and only a few plants that are going to take any heavy care. My only problem is that I constantly look at plants in catalogs and online and think, hmmm I could grow that... Buy it Now! That is a horrible button... So this years plants are as follows.... as of now....

Vegetables: Trip-L-Crop Tomato Tree (ebay buy), Advantage green bean bush (Park Seed aka PS), Parks Whopper Tomato (PS), Hybrid Cross Radish (PS), Jericho Lettuce (PS), Little Gem Lettuce (PS), Tendersnax Carrot (PS, had really good luck with these last year), Whitewing Hybrid Onion (PS), Onion Parade (PS, Green onions), Dill Mamoth (Burgess), Chives (Burgess).

I also have a bunch of flowers that were ordered as seed, I already have mint growing in the garden which I might dig up and move and contain it in a container of some sort, There are also some prickly pear cacti growing, A lily that was purchased on clearance at Menards, And I am also going to split some of my grandparents Rhubarb plants this year and plant them somewhere. I still need to get some seed potatoes but I can get them closer to planting time. If there is anything you like or think I should try out this year leave a comment!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Things to Change

This year, 2014, I'm changing how my garden is laid out. Last year I just planted along the edges of a fenced in area the size of a medium above ground swimming pool. This year it will still be planted along the edges but it is going to cover half of the area as well, leaving a small area for our fire pit and seating around it. I built a makeshift bench last year out of wood that was just sitting around and that is in the front right corner. - I will add pictures in another post- And I have a very, very small pond in the back left corner. -Bucket size!- I plan to rework that into an actual pond with a small waterfall that could hold a few gold fish. I need to cut out some grass to get the area I want and I'm going to dig a small trench around it this year to try to keep grass and weeds out. My idea is to layer cardboard in the trench to suffocate anything trying to cross over so we will see how that works! I will use straw and shredded paper with some wood chips in the soil this year to try to break it up a bit and to start getting more organic matter mixed in. I have a friend that has horses as well so I will see about getting some manure to mix in. The pathways in the garden will be left dirt this year and a covering of some sort will be figured out later. The straw will serve as mulch as well if i can get enough and if not i will have a compost barrel to cover at least some of the plants as well as to add some organic material to the soil. I took a metal barrel from work and burned out the inside to make sure it was clean and this year the bottom will be cut off and the whole thing will be painted black. It will serve as a continuous composter. Thats most of the changes I want to make besides coming up with a root cellar. Im thinking of just digging holes under my bench for big buckets and covering them with straw and a board. Im hoping that will work.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lets Learn Together

Last year was my first time ever trying a garden. It was comprised of a few sunflowers, onions, carrots, lettuce, mint, and some random flowers. I just tilled the soil around the edge of a fenced in area where an old pool used to be. Now for any gardeners that are reading this you probably already know that adding lots of sand to Michigan soil ends up being a horrible hard packed mess when trying to grow a garden. I found that out last year. I had awesome growing carrots but most of them just broke when coming out of the ground. The ground was just too hard! The same happened with some of my onions, the bulb ones anyway. My green onions I managed to loosen up the dirt enough to get them out. The sunflowers I cut too green and they molded and the ones that did make it had hollow seeds... It was almost enough to make me quit. But i don't normally quit things when they get hard. So I'm making a blog about all of my failures and success's. Hopefully they will be of use for someone.